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List of available DD_Mods for SilentHunterIII

Sailing Fishing Boat

DD_Cutter_V1.0.rar - standard version, non-ligthed

DD_Cutter_V1.1L.rar - lighted version

DD_Cutter_V1.1L_JSGME.rar - lighted version, JSGME compatible

These mods contain/have:



This wooden speed boat comes as two-in-one. The ligthing may be controlled via the *.eqp file. See installation instruction on how to do. The lady you see on the pics may be controlled via the *.eqp file as well. Thus you can prevent here from sitting in the back half naked during winter times.

  • normal / lighted version
  • moored version with persenning
  • transparent glass
  • control lighting via *.eqp
  • control the ladyīs appearance via *.eqp
  • not yet JSGME compatible
  • detailed installation instruction included (*.pdf)

Floating Debris


This mod contains a flotsam package of: It is fully JSGME compatible and comes with a small test mission. To see the flotsam ingame you have to create a mission. It will no spawn automatically.

Visible Mines


before installation / after installation

You may even blast them with your deck gun / flak.

This tiny mod makes the mines of any minefield partly visible when breaking the water line. It will be a part of the next DD_Debris version. It depends on the depth you set them in ME whether you see them or not. If all the mines are slightly below the surface they break through the water line only when the swell allows them to do. You donīt have to rework your minefields. All existing minfields will be "updated" automatically. It is fully JSGME compatible.

Open Hatch V3 - RevolvingHatch


(ca 66MB)

Until further notice it contains SHIII typeVII+IX only. Therefore consider it still a BETA!

Features: typeVII + IX only, UFN
  • revolving hatch on key command
  • moving obs scope on key command
  • corrected interior diving angles
  • newly reworked attack scope well by 'flakmonkey'
  • reworked cameras
  • vanishing food
  • engine order telegraph animated
  • grammophone animated
  • dials darkened by night
  • helmsmen vanisihing when surfaced
  • cameras reworked

  • fix for WAC
  • fix for OLCīs GOLD MkII GUI
  • fix for Anvartīs 30_FuMo / FlagOnTurm / Antenna mods
  • fix for nvdrifterīs DC Shake

  • JSGME compatible

vanishing food

This mod should run with all installations of SHIII. However it may affect or break other mods.

Mods altering: will not work (properly) after enabling OH_V3_RH.

Obey the following order of installation:
  • other mods
  • OH_V3_RH
  • fixes provided with OH_V3.09

opening sequence

Credits for OH_V3_RH:

  • Urfisch (for initiating this project)
  • GWX (basis of this mod, support)
  • Ref (great help regarding TMAP issues and camera rotation fix)
  • FlakMonkey (periscope well 3d model, new version)
  • Reece (for providing the major clue to make these mods JSGME compatible)
  • Skwasjer (Silent3ditor)
  • Timetraveller (MiniTweaker)
  • Sensal (Pack3D)
  • OLC (onlifecrisis) for his awesome GOLD MkII GUI
  • Alex for extensive testing
  • Anvart (Non-standard use of SMS for animation of any object, using crew commands)
  • nvdrifter (DC Shake mod)
  • Rapt0r (grammophone texture)
  • Hitman (idea to make the helmsman vanish when surfaced)
  • evan82 (idea to rework dials brightness by night)

vanishing food

Fix for OLCīs GOLD MkII GUI mod

This fix is needed to run OH_V3_RH together with OLCīs GOLD MkII GUI mod.
If you do not apply this fix, you will encounter the following problems:

The fix is included as a separate mod in the DD_OH_V3_RH archive.

Open Hatch V2 - ALL TYPES


The mod should run with all SHIII installations and contains the typeII + VII interiors as you know them from GWX2, except the lights. TypeIX is almost the same as before but got some small improvements regarding graphical glitches, though there are still some remaining. As it is based on GWX files now, the Bordinstrumente mod is not needed anymore to have HiRes graphics for the CR. The typeXXI was a bit tricky as CR and RR do not fit together actually. I hope you donīt recognize. LOL. It is fully JSGME compatible.

Open Hatch V2 - WAC patch


This patch gets you rid off the yellow ring around the typeVII hatch. It was made for WAC users but may be used with any other installation. I recommend to use it if you have my wooden speedboat installed. Credits for error reporting and testing to Cheapskate and Redwine.

Credits for OpenHatch_V2:

  • Urfisch (for initiating this project)
  • GWX (basis of this mod, support)
  • Ref (great help regarding TMAP issues and camera rotation fix)
  • FlakMonkey (periscope well 3d modell
  • Reece (for providing the major clue to make these mods JSGME compatible)
  • Skwasjer (Silent3ditor)
  • Timetraveller (MiniTweaker)
  • Sensal (Pack3D)


TypeVII and TypeIX Open Hatch Mods

To prevent all who are interested from browsing all the postings to find whatīs new, where to download and how to install here is an overview. These mods attach fully functional radio rooms to the command rooms of TypeVII and TypeIX boats. They are fully JSGME compatible.

advertising video by Backman



DD_all_types_OH_V2 (ca. 114.42MB)


TypeVII_OpenHatch_V1.01 (ca. 40.24MB)

TypeVII_OH_Peri_Stock (ca. 15.99MB)

TypeVII_OH_Peri_Correct (ca. 15.99MB)

Enable as follows:

TypeIX_OpenHatch_V1.01 (ca. 45.80MB)


TypeII_Peri_Correct_V1.0 (ca. 50.32MB)

Credits for OpenHatch:

TweakFiles for all Types

CapPos_View_TweakFiles (ca. 0.1MB)

Gun_View_TweakFiles (ca. 0.4MB)

before / after

InteriorLights_Color_TweakFiles (ca. 0.4MB)

InteriorLights_Color_V2_TweakFiles (ca. 1.0MB)

InteriorLights_Color_OpenHatch_V2_TweakFiles (ca. 10KB)

the color of the ambient light

bulbīs color and brightness

Changes in V2.0:

Credits for TweakFiles:

Buoy Mod



This mod contains (V1.0):
New in V2.0: